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Ready Fire Aim

Sixteen years ago it was my privilege to be a part of a group of friends that founded Spring Rains Developments.  Our start was a classic example of  Ready, Fire, Aim.  Yet, somehow we kept at it and from that simple sputtering start, we have had the satisfying privilege of coming alongside small NGOs who are on the ground  serving some of the remotest parts of this earth, and supporting a facet of the help they are providing to the poor via community development.

We resource small NGOs 

That's right!  We are not a soliciting NGO — we are a giving NGO.  That being said, part of learning to aim meant we eventually honed our purpose down to resourcing these two facets of nutritional food production -- organic vegetable community gardens and supporting rain harvesting infrastructure . 

If your NGO is:

  • Small
  • Focused at the poorest of poor
  • Involved in community development
  • And you want to address what we support

Then Contact Us.  

Who knows where this could take us?

David Brandon

Spring Rains Developments